Lignosulfonate treatment

Concrete production
Building materials production
Keramzit production
For uphole oilmen
For diggers
For metallurgists
For chemists


  For diggers

In minerals industry technical lignosulfonates are used as a flotation reagent - substance, letting to achieve incomplete washing of separating materials, i.e. different ore minerals and doing possible the flotation process. The fact that technical lignosulfonates are ones of less expensive flotation reagents, several thousands of them are known, advances rising the demand to these reagents in the branch. Besides of these technical lignosulfonates are used for drill well moonpool hardening. They are added in different carpets and ground bases. These constructions are strengthened by emulsified bituminous materials, liquid bituminous materials or coal tars, phenolics with the concrete or lime wich are added to lignosulfonates.

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